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How to organize a solution for support of different versions



i have several commands, working for versions 11.1 and later.

All those commands have a separate solution. One solution for 11.1, one solution for 13.0 and so on.

The bad thing is, if I change something, i have to make the changes in all existing solutions. That is what I want to avoid!


Ist it possible to have all in only one solution and only switch the version?

For example: The commands in 11.1 have the "toolbar style", in 13.0 the "ribbon-style". Furthermore the reference to the Tecnomatix.Engineering.dll is different.



Re: How to organize a solution for support of different versions

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Sorry, but I fail to understand the problem.

However, if you want to have one solution that holds all the projects- there is no problem to do that.

As of the changes in the refrence, what you can do is the following- instead of referncing to the a dll that is located for version XX in one place, and for version YY in another place, do the following:

1) Subst the directory that contains the dll in version XX to some drive latter (e.g. rSmiley Happy.

2) Refernce the dll that is located in the subst drive. (e.g. rSmiley Happy.


Whenever you need to change your version to YY, all you need to do is to subst the directory of YY as your drive, and the projects will refrence the right dll.