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I would like to create plane by API but got an error message

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They would like to create plane in modeling by API.

 I try to create plane by API but I got Error message.

I tried to some patterns(see attached file) for creating plane,

but cannot create plane.


Could you please tell me way of thinking of edgeList.



            TxLocalComponentCreationData data =

                new TxLocalComponentCreationData("test");


            TxComponent newComp =



            ITxGeometryCreation geoCreation = newComp as ITxGeometryCreation;

            ITxLocatableObject locObj = newComp as ITxLocatableObject;


            ArrayList edgeList = new ArrayList();

            edgeList.Add(new TxVector(0,0,0));

            edgeList.Add(new TxVector(1000,0,0));

            edgeList.Add(new TxVector(0,1000, 0));



            TxPlaneCreationData planeData =

                new TxPlaneCreationData("testPlane",locObj.AbsoluteLocation,

                    new TxVector(0.0, 0.0, 1.0),edgeList );




                TxSurface surObj = geoCreation.CreatePlane(planeData);


            catch (Exception e)


                TxApplication.StatusBarMessage = e.Message;





CreatePlane method throws TxNotImplementedException  when this function is called in Process Simulate or Process Designer.

So the customer cannot create a plane object under component.


They can use the manipulator object  TxManipulator and create a plane under it with TxManipulatorPlaneElementData.



TxManipulatorCreationData crData = new TxManipulatorCreationData(“TestManipulator”, new TxTransformation());
TxManipulator m_planeManipulator  = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot.CreateManipulator(crData); TxManipulatorPlaneElementData manipElement = new TxManipulatorPlaneElementData(new TxTransformation(), width, height);m_planeManipulator.AddElement(manipElement);