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Import placeholders (empty tree structure)


Hi guys!


I have a tree structure with different resources in excel, looking like this.


Resource 1


      |----Resource 2

      |----Resource 3

      |----Resource 4


With this I want to create a structure in Process Design, according to the structure, with correct class and position. 

There is no 3D-representation connected to the structure, it is pure placeholder so to speak.


I'm thinking of using the "import xml"-function to create this, by just making a macro that auto-generate a xml-file. What do you think, should I do this or write a function of my own. Or is there already an existing function that I could use?


Re: Import placeholders (empty tree structure)


The only way i know is to generate compound ressources


TxPhysicalRoot physicalRoot = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot;

TxCompoundResource station = physicalRoot.CreateCompoundResource(new TxCompoundResourceCreationData("Station"));

TxCompoundResource robot = station.CreateCompoundResource(new TxCompoundResourceCreationData("Robot"));


TxCompoundResource r = robot.CreateCompoundResource(new TxCompoundResourceCreationData("Robotname");

TxCompoundResource r_Tool = r.CreateCompoundResource(new TxCompoundResourceCreationData("Tool"));

TxCompoundResource r_Rail = r.CreateCompoundResource(new TxCompoundResourceCreationData("Rail"));