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Logic Block Set,Reset in PLC Mode Not Working

I have run into an issue in which a set/reset function is not turning the output off when its reset condition is met.


I am connected to a PLC through an OPC, there is a matching PLC input in the PLC program on which the connection to Process Simulate has been validated as working, and it does come on when the "Set" condition is set high.


The set signal goes high and the SR is set on   The SR stays high until the reset is set, which is an operator loading a part.  I can see the SR output in the Signal Monitoring window go red at this point, but the LB output in the Simulation Panel stays green as does the connected signal PLC input.


If anyone has run across this any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Re: Logic Block Set,Reset in PLC Mode Not Working

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Hi CliffKnasinski,


I would suggest that you move your question to the Tecnomatix Robotics Forum as it is not connected to the Tecnomatix .NET API and you will hardly get any answers on it.


Still, I consulted with one of our experts on that field and he suggested the following:

If you are using a “Delay Exit” feature for this LB’s exit, then this is the regular behavior. A delayed exit will not go back to FALSE when the value expression goes to FALSE, only when the “abort delay and reset exit condition” become TRUE.


Best Regards,