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Read and modify OLP commands


Good morning
I am trying to create program that reads OLP commands from selected locations and copy it to others selected location. First I was trying to collect data and show it as string in text box.


private void mOLP_Picked(object sender, TxObjEditBoxCtrl_PickedEventArgs args)

ITxRoboticLocationOperation locOp = args.Object as ITxRoboticLocationOperation;
if (locOp != null )

TxObjectList ComList = locOp.Commands;

for (int i = 0; i < ComList.Count; i++)
{mOut.Text += ComList[i].ToString();}




My list contains only one element and this solution returns only "Tecnomatix.Engineering.TxRoboticCommand" text which is not a command name, how can I get access directly to OLP commands?