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Robot Simulation Engine




I am trying to get a handle on the TxRobotSimulationEgine so then i can get the simulation service provider as I need to enable the RegisterOnSignalChanged method as having problems changing signals in the robot using the robot signal mapping using a custome viewer which changes signals. I am seeing the signal change in the Simulation panel., but not seeing the signal change event in the Simulation Monitor at a WAIT FOR signal command (KUKA robot, using the MOP in PLC OLP line simulation mode)


I assume this is per robot but cant seem to find the instance of the class.


I have tried going through TxApplication.ActiveDocument.RoboticProgramRoot and then getting the list of DirectChild programs so then I can get each robot program, and  then each robot controller but hit a dead end.




Re: Robot Simulation Engine

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Hello Psiwolf,


TxRobotSimulationEgine of a controller simulation is not accessible through the API and it cannot be modified.

When you say that you don't see the signal changed event, do you mean that signal is not forced in Simulation Monitor?


Best Regards,



Re: Robot Simulation Engine

Hi. I have found the problem to this and realised that signals must be attached to a LB to make the signal able to be evaluated in a change event.

I now have a further problem when using the startProgram, programPause and emergencyStop signals that if I activate the emergencyStop signal when the KUKA robot is on a WAIT signal command the simulation timer freezes and cannot be reset or started.