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Safe Operation (Safety Layout)



does anyboady know, how do we define the minimum distance between the working volume of Robot ( Cell Area of my Robot) and the fences.


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I can just theoretical define it, I mean without any special factor or Formula. But it is clear that we need to have sometime a special Zone in which we reduce the speed of the Robot or in which we want to stop the robot totally. For instance if it looses his position or his access route!


Should I use  Stop 0 or Stop 1? and why?


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I would like to know how should I define the best green safe room?! (V=0 mm/sec.) when the pink is one of my Colleague and the blaue Zone is the Cell Area of my Robot?! 


I look forward to all your comments...

just welcome!






Re: Safe Operation (Safety Layout)

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There are many criterias that are important for safety zone definition.


First of all, the robot should stop before it crashes into the security fence.

This cannot be simulated within Process Simulate, because in reality you have a overran distance.

In PS the robot you automatically stop when tool zone touches safezone.



In additon it´s not possible to simulate reduced speed. So if robot is inside a zone and speed should be reduced e.g. to 0.1m/sec or 25%.


What you can do:

Define the Safezones (boxes) in your study.

Define the Toolzones (spheres) in your study.

Define a collision sets between the boxes and spheres.


How you need to define Safezones or Toolzones and what are the requirements for it is documented in robot vendors safe operation documentations.


Independent from any defined safezones in PS, it´s mandatory to check your safe configuration on the shopfloor robot to be sure the robot stops before crashing into the fences.



Best regards


Re: Safe Operation (Safety Layout)


Thanks for your answer.