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Simulation Player events with RCS




I simulate a TxContinuousRoboticOperation using the TxSimulationPlayer. The Kuka robot uses an RCS module.
Whenever the robot reaches a LocationOperation, I want to respond to it. For this I looked at the following events: 

  • OperationStartedForward (red)
  • OperationReachedDestination (green)
  • OperationEndedForward (blue)

Each time one of these events is fired, I create a colored ball.
The picture shows the balls to the blue-colored location.

The red belongs to the OperationStartedForward event and

the green to the OperationReachedDestination event.

The blue ball of the OperationEndedForward event is covered with the green and therefore not visible.
My expectation is that at least one ball is drawn in the immediate vicinity of the corresponding location. However, this is not the case!


Is here an error in the API? What are the events?


In addition, I also observed that the event OperationReachedDestination is not fired at any location. What could be the problem?


Best regards,