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Some problem during use eMServer client API



I have some problem during use eMServer client API recently.Please help me.

1. Dim curUserFolderKey As EMPTYPELIBRARYLib.EmpObjectKey
curUserFolderKey = ProjectM.GetUserFolder(currContext)


Dim curProjectKey As EMPTYPELIBRARYLib.EmpObjectKey
curProjectKey = ProjectM.GetCurrentProject(currContext)


i can get the curUserFolderKey and curProjectKey ,but It's just a string of numbers,how can i get the UserFolder FullName and the current Project name from these Keys?


2.Dim key As EmpObjectKey
Dim init As New COMMONLib.Initializer
key = init.GetSelectedNode()

i want to use above code to get the node which the user select.but "COMMONLIB" is not supported,Which DLL file should I refer to?


3.i want to use the EmpTreeControl ,but in the "Components" dialog,i can not find the EmpTreeControl check box.but i can add this reference :"C:\Program Files\Tecnomatix_12.1.1\eMPower\eM-Planner\EmpTreeControl.dll"  correctly。


4.i want to get the nodes which the user select in the navigation tree. if use .net method is TxApplicaton.Selection,but i don't know how to write use eMServer client API.


I was just starting to use API to develop tecnomatix. The problem is more and primary. I hope that experts can give answers in the busy schedule.Thanks in advance.。


note: my computer operating system is win7 sp1 64bit。

tecnomatix version is 12.1.1

Programing language is VB6.0


Re: Some problem during use eMServer client API

Siemens Experimenter Siemens Experimenter
Siemens Experimenter

Hello dongyang,


Regarding (1) you can use the EmpObjectKey by passing it to IEmpNode::Name property to get the name.

For retrieving the name of multpile objects it is more efficient to use the IEmpNodeService::GetFields API


Regarding (2) COMMONLib.Initializer::GetSelectedNode is used under eBOP process, it is not supported in Process Designer or Process Simulate.


Check for the eM-PlannerAPIManual_<version number>.chm at the documentation section of the installation package.
It is part of the official DVD. It contains examples in Visual Basic.


Best Regards,


Re: Some problem during use eMServer client API


Thank you ,Peter_Krastev , I've been studying the help document "eM-PlannerAPIManual.chm",but my document name is "eM-PlannerAPIManual.chm",this file does not have a version number. Do you have any other versions of the file ?

The description in this file is not much, the program example is too simple, many can not be used directly. And there's no other place to find useful code. Most of the time I've been guessing and trying to write code.

And I have a puzzle. Why can't DotNet API realize all emplannerAPI functions? Why can't two become one? Why are there some defects in function?

Re: Some problem during use eMServer client API


This is my email address:
If you can, can you give me some help documents?