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TxManipulatorLineElementData LineWidth

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I am building a substitutional temporary geometry using the TxManipulator class and I have troubles setting the LineWidth of the TxManipulatorLineElementData. When I construct TxManipulator object and fill it with element data, I cannot control the property LineWidth. I set it to value of e.g. 0.1, but right after the function InsertElementData is called, the LineWidth of the element is set to value 2 (always the same value). Code snippet follows:



var manipulator = new TxManipulatorCreationData("name", new TxTransformation());
var line = new TxManipulatorLineElementData(
new TxTransformation(), new TxVector(0,0,0),
new TxVector(0,0,1)); line.Color = axis.Color; line.LineWidth = axis.Width; line.Pickable = true; line.Visibility = axis.Visibility; line.Unzoomable = true; line.AntiAlias = true; line.Emphasizable = true; line.AlwaysOnTop = true; manipulator.InsertElementData(line);

Do you have any idea how to set this property so that the line takes the desired width? I tried to set it after insertion directly in the Manipulator object with no success.


Best regards



Edit: I am using Tecnomatix.Engineering.dll version


Re: TxManipulatorLineElementData LineWidth

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Hello Martin3,


We found that there is a problem with InsertElementData method of TxManipulatorCreationData and we are checking it. You can use the AddElement method of TxManipulator instead:

TxVector p1 = new TxVector(0.0,0.0,0.0);
TxVector p2 = new TxVector(100.0,0.0,0.0);
TxManipulatorLineElementData line = new TxManipulatorLineElementData(new TxTransformation(),p1,p2);
line.LineWidth =5; TxManipulatorCreationData manipulatorData = new TxManipulatorCreationData("Manipulator", new TxTransformation()); TxManipulator manip = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot.CreateManipulator(manipulatorData); manip.AddElement(line);

Best Regards,