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Unmounting and remounting a tool



I'm trying to unmount a tool from a robot, carry out an operation with this robot, then remount the tool in the same way as it was before it was unmounted.


When I come to remount, I'm using TxRobot.MountTool, which has the following parameters: tool As ITxLocatableObject, locationOnRobot As TxTransformation, locationOnTool As TxTransformation


My question is, how to find out the values of LocationOnRobot and LocationOnTool . I'm assuming I can find it from properties of the tool (and robot) before unmounting.


The AttachmentParent property of the tool is, not surprisingly, the robot TOOLFRAME, for which I can get the location (Absolute, Relative to working frame etc), and I've tried finding the relationship between this and various locations related to the tool, but nothing seems to quite fit.


Am I looking in the right place to do what I feel should be a fairly basic operation - putting a tool back on the robot where it came from?


Thanks in advance.


Re: Unmounting and remounting a tool

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You can get the relative location of the gun absolute location to the robot toolframe before unmounting the gun. Then before mounting the gun, move the gun in the same relative position to the robot toolframe. Then you can use the robot toolframe for locationOnRobot and locationOnGun when mounting.


You can use the ITxLocatableObject.GetLocationRelativeToObject that accepts a frame as well.

Also you can use the TxTransformation to calculate the relative position to/from robotToolFrame.


TxTransformation relativeLocation = robotToolFrame.AbsoluteLocation.Inverse * gun.AbsoluteLocation;


TxTransformation gunLocation = robotToolFrame* relativeLocation;


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