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Virtual Commissioning using API




I'm interested in carrying out virtual-commissioning-type functions (starting robots, administering collision zones etc) using the API.


Having seen the question from RobSimCoder (entitled txplcsignals), it looks as though this is not possible.

Has anyone found a way to do this?


If not, what can instructions such as signal.Value.BooleanValue=True be used for?


Any help will be appreciated!






Re: Virtual Commissioning using API

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Adding more "built-in" robot functions to be defined in the Robot Signals dialog is not possible via the API.

You can, however, trigger some API logic of your own based on signal values.


One of the ways to achieve that is to create your own LB function (look for "User LB Function" in the Tecnomatix help). Within this LB function code you can do as you wish with the API - test the signals passed as parameters, and based on the values - trigger other signals or switch on/off collision etc.


You can then use the new LB function within the robot LB, as an internal parameter, pass some of the entry values to the LB function and connected the appropriate signals to the entries.


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Re: Virtual Commissioning using API

The only way to do this in the API is to implement the class that Tecnomatix uses to display robot signals in your own Viewer Application, and then add more properties that you wish to add.  Look up interfaces, abstract classes, overide methods, etc.  As long as they have not set that particular form's class as not being able to be implemeted in another form by declaring it sealed...


Fanuc, ABB, KUKA, etc, does this to create custome teach pennants.