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Welcome to the Tecnomatix Developer Forum

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Welcome to the Tecnomatix Developer Forum created for TX .net API!


Here developers can share knowledge, ideas & examples on all subjects related to the TX .net API.


The TX .net API is a rich suite of functions on top of Tecnomatix products.

With these functions, developers can

  • Load and store data
  • Change data (e.g. delete, display, modify color, reposition, attach…)
  • Query data
  • Make calculations
  • Run simulations
  • Create pictures and movies
  • Create reports and summaries

… and much, much more.


Developers can use the TX .net API to write add-ons for:

  • Automation of the process – Save time and minimize errors by creating add-ons which run automatically on multiple data and processes. Create reports summarizing the results.
  • New commands – Enrich the suite of commands by creating your own commands, specifically suited to your workflow.
  • Integration - Write add-ons to integrate TX with your application systems


Please use this forum for:

  • Information – Learn how to use the API
  • Usage – How to use the API for your specific use case
  • Requests – Suggestions for new API functions
  • Assistance – Help with the API
  • Sharing – Share your source and success stories with other API users



 Thank you for joining the forum conversation!


Ofer Ohayon

Process Simulate Application Team Leader

Mfg Engineering

Product Lifecycle Management