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Welcome to the Tecnomatix Developer Forum

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

Welcome to the Tecnomatix Developer Forum created for TX .net API!


Here developers can share knowledge, ideas & examples on all subjects related to the TX .net API.


The TX .net API is a rich suite of functions on top of Tecnomatix products.

With these functions, developers can

  • Load and store data
  • Change data (e.g. delete, display, modify color, reposition, attach…)
  • Query data
  • Make calculations
  • Run simulations
  • Create pictures and movies
  • Create reports and summaries

… and much, much more.


Developers can use the TX .net API to write add-ons for:

  • Automation of the process – Save time and minimize errors by creating add-ons which run automatically on multiple data and processes. Create reports summarizing the results.
  • New commands – Enrich the suite of commands by creating your own commands, specifically suited to your workflow.
  • Integration - Write add-ons to integrate TX with your application systems


Please use this forum for:

  • Information – Learn how to use the API
  • Usage – How to use the API for your specific use case
  • Requests – Suggestions for new API functions
  • Assistance – Help with the API
  • Sharing – Share your source and success stories with other API users



 Thank you for joining the forum conversation!


Ofer Ohayon

Process Simulate Application Team Leader

Mfg Engineering

Product Lifecycle Management