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rectangle body in Graphics Viewer rectangle



I want to have rectangle body always be in Graphics viewer. I have created body by following code. I gave its top and bottom radius. It creates a cone, but at specific location. So, I need to zoom in or zoom out to see that solid. But I want to have that cone always on the graphics viewer rectangle and also If i zoom in or zoom out in graphics viewer. It should manage size itself in such a way that it always be in graphics viewer. I saw TxGraphicsViever class and its rRectangle Property. But, How can I use it in my case? Thanx in Advance


 TxLocalComponentCreationData ConecreationData = new TxLocalComponentCreationData("Cone", new TxTransformation());
            TxComponent Cone = TxApplication.ActiveDocument.PhysicalRoot.CreateLocalComponent(ConecreationData);
            TxConeCreationData data = new TxConeCreationData("C1", TxVector startpoint,  TxVector endpointY, 1, 5);
            TxSolid SCone = Cone.CreateSolidCone(data);



Re: rectangle body in Graphics Viewer rectangle

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Component has a size, and upon zoom it looks smaller\bigger. In order to achieve what you want, you can create a manipulator, with Unzoomable property set to true.