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Tecnomatix V14.0.1 Developer Updates

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Robot Pose Sensor


Use the CreateRobotPoseSensor method of the ITxRobot interface to create a new sensor that implements ITxPlcRobotPoseSensor interface.


User LB Functions


The new ITxPlcLogicBehaviorFunctionMultiInstance interface is now available that provides support for multi instance user functions. A new instance of the function class is created per function usage. Use that interface for functions that have internal members which are updated on each evaluate cycle.




TxOptions class exposes the new Changed event that occurs when options are changed from the Options dialog and the OK button is pressed.


Application Events


TxApplicationEvents class exposes new Moved and SizeChanged events that occur when the location or the size of the application frame changes.




New Show method of TxDoNotShowAgainMessageBox class is now available that supports icon. The method displays a confirmation message box (with various buttons, depending on the parameters) with the standard look and feel of the engineering applications. As part of the dialog, it provides a "Do not show this message again" mechanism.