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Tecnomatix V14.1.1 Developer Updates

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In version 14.1.1 some changes have been introduced to the cables API due to updates in cable persistency. Cable creation now requires a pair of locatable objects ( StartAttachment and EndAttachment properties of TxCableData class) that serve as start and end attachments of the cable. Also required are a pair of locations, relative to the attachment objects ( StartPosition and EndPosition properties of TxCableData class), which specify the start and end position of the cable. A new constructor of the TxCableData class was added for that purpose.

Use the SetStart and SetEnd methods of TxCableData to modify the cable start and end attachment and position - the StartFrame and EndFrame properties are now obsolete.

The new TxCableFixedHook class represents regular cable hooks while the new TxCableRetractableHook class represents retractable hooks. The list of cable hooks (both fixed and retractable) is managed from the Hooks property of TxCableData class.

Staring from this version, both TxCompoundResource and TxPhysicalRoot classes implement the ITxCableCreation interface – cables can be created directly under a compound parent. The ITxCableCreation interface also exposes a new CanCreateCable method that checks if a cable can be created.


Geometry Creation


The ITxGeometryCreation interface exposes new CreateSolidCapsule and CreateSolidRoundedBox methods. The capsule is a cylinder with hemispherical ends (a spherocylinder).

When constructing the TxSolidCapsuleCreationData, the capsule length must be greater than 2 * radius and the radius must be a positive number.

When creating a rounded box, TxSolidRoundedBoxCreationData radius is the same for each corner. The larger the radius, the more rounded the corners. The radius must be a positive number and the box dimensions must be greater than 2 * radius, otherwise the creation method fails.


Label Creation


Starting this version, labels can be created via the .NET API. Use the CreateLabel method of TxPhysicalRoot class to create a label for a dedicated model object. Define the label’s text and assigned object in the TxLabelCreationData data class.


Platform Global Services


The new IsDataLoadedFromFile method is exposed by the ITxPlatformGlobalServicesProvider interface that indicates whether the data in the application is loaded from a file. The returned result is meaningful only if the IsDataLoaded method returns true.


Model Object Creation


In version 14.1.1 some changes were introduced to model objects creation data classes. Some classes like TxWeldLocationOperationCreationData, TxKinematicLinkCreationData, TxJointCreationData and others now implement IDisposable interface and it is recommended to apply the C# or VB .NET using statement when working with them.


Human Object


The new ITxHuman interface is introduced for the TxHuman class. The interface exposes the GetVersion method that returns the version of the human model and also the PostureModified event, that occurs when the human posture is modified.