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Tecnomatix V14.1 Developer Updates

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Create Components on eMServer platform


Starting from this version, creation of part and resource components is supported in the Tecnomatix .NET API. Use the new CreatePart and CreateResource methods of TxPhysicalRoot class to create a part or a resource component. TxPartCreationData and TxResourceCreationData classes expose PmType property that allows specifying the prototype type for the component. After the creation, the component is opened for modeling. This functionality is supported for Process Simulate on eMServer and Process Simulate Standalone (eMServer-based).




The new Referenceframe property is now available in the ITxRobot interface.


Conveyor Control Points and Skids


Use the ControlPointType property of TxPlcGenericConceptualConveyorControlPoint to get or set the type of the control point. It is also possible to get or set a list of skid objects for the control point with the new SkidsData property. A skid appearance is a representation of a skid for simulation, viewing or analysis purposes. The skid appearance objects are now presented in the .NET API with the new TxSkidAppearance and TxSkidAppearanceDevice classes implementing the common ITxSkidAppearance interface. The OriginSkid property of the interface returns the origin skid of the appearance in its planning representation.


Prototypes & Instances


It is now possible to get the prototype of a loaded object and to access all loaded instances for a specific prototype. There are new TxPlanningPartInstance and TxPlanningToolInstance classes that represent the planning part and resource instances. Those classes implement the new ITxPlanningInstance interface that provides the Prototype property. Having the prototype object, use the Instances property of ITxPlanningPrototype interface to get a list of all instances of this prototype in the currently loaded scene.


eMServer Properties


The new IsSoftField property of TxPlanningTypeFieldData class, specifies if the field is a soft field. A soft field is a property that can be defined in the eMServer Customization application.


Replace JT in Teamcenter


Use the ReplaceJtOfPrototypes method of the ITxTcAnyGlobalServicesProvider interface to replace the JT files of the given prototypes. The method internally reloads the scene to reflect the changes.


Graphic Viewer


Starting from this version, the light source of the Graphic Viewer can be accessed and manipulated from the .NET API. Use the PrimaryLight and SecondaryLight properties of TxGraphicViewer class to get the primary and secondary light sources of the viewer. The TxLight class represents a light source and provides the ability to get or set the direction and intensity of the light - Direction and Intensity properties. The light can be also turned on and off, using the IsTurnedOn property. Use the new GetGraphicViewerConfiguration extension method of TxGraphicViewer to access the TxGraphicViewerConfig instance. It provides control to the current PickLevel and PickIntent . Changes of the pick settings can be observed when registered to the PickLevelChanged and PickIntentChanged events of the TxGraphicViewerConfig class.


UI Controls


Tecnomatix.Engineering.Ui.Tx3DVectorCtrl exposes new MouseDownX , MouseDownY and MouseDownZ events that are fired when the mouse is down in the corresponding field. Tecnomatix.Engineering.Ui.TxPlacementControl exposes new ContinuousChangeStarted and ContinuousChangeEnded events that are fired to indicate the start and end of sending continuous clicks by the arrow buttons of the control. Tecnomatix.Engineering.Ui.WPF.TxPlacementCollisionControl also exposes new events that indicate the start and end of repeated delta changes – RepeatDeltaChangeStarted and RepeatDeltaChangeEnded .


WPF Viewers


There is a new TxWPFDependentViewer class that is a base class for WPF dependent viewers. To create a dependent WPF Viewer, inherit from this class. A dependent viewer is a viewer that depends on the selection in other viewers and can have multiple instances open at the same time.


Controller Simulation


The ITxRobotSimulationController interface is extended with the new OnSignalCrossedValue method that notifies the controller when a signal value crosses a specific value. This method is called by the simulation engine only if the controller was registered for it, using the RegisterToSignalCrossedValueNotification method of the TxRobotSimulationEngineServicesProvider class. The ITxRoboticMarkupDownloader interface is extended with a new LanguageXmlPath property that returns the path to the XML file of the controller language.


RRS Services


Use the SetJointThreshold and ResetJointThreshold methods of the TxRobotSimulationRRSServicesProvider class to set or reset the threshold value of a given joint.


RCS Parameters Validation


The ITxRoboticControllerServices interface provides the new ValidateRCSParametersSilently method that checks whether the RCS parameters of the robot are valid and returns a TxRCSParamResults object as result.




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