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What's new in V13.0

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The following items are new in version 13.0:

Color API

Get the colors of a model object that implements ITxDisplayableObject interface, using the new GetColors method. It returns a set of all colors that the object has. Unlike the Color property that returns only the instance color of the object (if any), GetColors returns the prototype colors if no instance colors are defined for the object. Remarks: The returned result does not include font colors for objects like TxNote and TxLabel.

Simulation Player

In this version new methods and events have been added to TxSimulationPlayer class. Use GetErrorsAndTraces to query the simulation messages (errors, traces, warnings and notes) from the forward simulation. The IsAutomaticErrorOutputEnabled property, returns a value that specifies if the errors are automatically logged during the simulation. The Started and Ended events notify when the simulation has started and ended regardless of the direction.

New UI Features

The TxExpressionEditor control is now part of the Tecnomatix.Engineering.Ui.dll library. It is a WPF control which enables the user to define mathematical expressions that include signals, custom functions and LB components (entries, exits, constants and parameters). Such expressions are used to define the logic of LBs.

Collision Settings

Use IgnoreWireframe property of TxCollisionOptions to force the collision detection to ignore or consider wireframe entities.