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Excel-based model generation

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As we had a question for Excel-based model generation, here is an example of how to do it


  • Read data from an Excel file
  • Create a new conveyor in Plant Simulation and how to
  • Set the parameters in the segment table for the conveyor
  • You have to save model file and Excel file in the same folder
  • If you have questions, please contact


Tangential angle Length Curve angle Radius Vertical curve ΔZ    
          0 2 -4
45 3       0    
0   45 7 FALSE 0    


Kind regards


I have tried and it is a good example. There are two notes:

1. The model was created with Plant Simulation 14.2. The latest Plant Simulation software is needed

2. The downloaded Excel file name is Segments2 (003).xlsx. Change to Segments2.xlsx at first