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Excel-based model generation

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As we had a question for Excel-based model generation, here is an example of how to do it


  • Read data from an Excel file
  • Create a new conveyor in Plant Simulation and how to
  • Set the parameters in the segment table for the conveyor
  • You have to save model file and Excel file in the same folder
  • If you have questions, please contact


Tangential angle Length Curve angle Radius Vertical curve ΔZ    
          0 2 -4
45 3       0    
0   45 7 FALSE 0    


Kind regards


I have tried and it is a good example. There are two notes:

1. The model was created with Plant Simulation 14.2. The latest Plant Simulation software is needed

2. The downloaded Excel file name is Segments2 (003).xlsx. Change to Segments2.xlsx at first




any one please share some more examples related with simulation in plantsim using excel only.


thank you,