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How to Use Issue Management and CAPA for Issue Resolution

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Achieve closed-loop enterprise issue resolution and prevention with Issue Management and CAPA solutions from Siemens PLM Software.



Note: This video is hosted on YouTube.



Tecnomatix Issue Management and CAPA (Corrective and Preventive Actions) solutions help you to centralize issues for program-wide visibility through a repeatable and high-quality resolution process coordinated among all impacted parties.



  • Easy-to-use, efficient Website for participating in a CAPA process
  • Structured, repeatable method to define corrective, preventive solutions to issues
  • Increased user productivity through automation of CAPA processes via workflows and notifications


Created with Tecnomatix Issue Management and CAPA


Demonstration Highlights

Learn how Issue Management and Corrective and Preventive Actions (CAPA) can help you to capture various forms of complaints, defects and non-conformances and systematically investigate, analyze and resolve them.


This Tech Tip will show:

  • How CAPA provides visibility into critical product quality characteristics, failures/non-conformances, and resolutions to these issues
  • How to use Teamcenter CAPA for management of both issue and CAPA processes
  • How to use customizable reports to tailor the web-based user experience to your needs

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About the Presenter


FletcherPaul_80x95.jpgAt the time this article was posted, Paul Fletcher was a Product Manager within the Manufacturing Engineering Software business segment at Siemens PLM with responsibility for Issue Management and CAPA solutions.  Paul, who has many years of experience in digital manufacturing software marketing, sales and product management, is now in a new role.

Mike Rouman
Senior Marketing Manager
Manufacturing Engineering Software
Siemens Digital Industries Software Inc.
Hi, Very good overview of TC CAPA. Few questions below 1) How could we manage interaction between TC CAPA and Manufacturing Executionm System (MES) where people manage internal non conformance related to product, process or equipments and supplier's concessions? 2) When it comes to licenseing, what's the policy (floating, named user) and cost for license (web browser based, light user) as CAPA might need for '00s of users (atleast to raise an issue)? 3) Does CAPA supports email communication (through Outlook, Lotus Notes etc..)? 4) Does CAPA has option to put efforts taken (hrs, $) to find out resolution and/or action (mitigation/preventionm)?
Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor

Where is CAPA? Teamcenter or Techmatix? Has the product been renamed? I can't find the software in downloads and very little is in the documentation (Tc11.4).

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Community Manager

Hello @RandyEllsworth,


Issue Management and CAPA has always been a part of Teamcenter. On the download server, it is available under "Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start -> Integrations and Solutions -> Issue Management and CAPA". 

Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor
Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor



The last version shown in "Teamcenter and Teamcenter Rapid Start > Full Products > Integrations and Solutions > 11.2.3 >" was released Apr 2018 and there haven't been any updates since.


Further, there are SFB's referring to Technomatix and CAPA (see SFB-Tecnomatix-11536 Jul-2017) which show download through Technomatix. And we have this forum, Technomatix Knowledge Base, where the Product Manager, Paul Fletcher, describes how to use CAPA (none of the other forums do that I can find).


The Teamcenter 11.4 Help collection mentions the word CAPA along with Change Manager but has literally no substance on CAPA.

Where can I find the documentation for CAPA installation, configuration and usage?


Forgive me for the confusion.

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager



At the time of the posting of the original article, @PaulFletcher was indeed the product manager and the Manufacturing Engineering Software business segment, responsible for the Tecnomatix portfolio, was delivering this Teamcenter-based solution to the market. However, this is no longer the case. The Manufacturing Operations Management business segment, responsible for the manufacturing execution portfolio, is now delivering this solution. Let's see if Paul responds here and in the meantime, we will see about getting you in touch with the current CAPA product management and marketing team.


Thank you for your patience.

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Solution Partner Esteemed Contributor

@MikeRouman, Thank you for following up for us. I'm unable to Kudo your post this morning (button is missing) but your post certainly deserves one. Kudos!

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

What are the differences between Problem Report and Issues. We are implementing CM based on CM2 and before this I did a project with Issue Management. Within Issue Management you can use Standalone VIS and create from thos application an Issue incl the bitmap.


I want to use this functionality also within a Problem Report.


Is this possible?


Kind regards,