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Touchscreen - Gesture Recognition some helpful commands


Tecnomatix Plant Simulation supports touch screen navigation and gesture control on your Windows touch screen devices and tablets. This is especially helpful in virtual commissioning when you emulate a control device in Plant Simulation run on a touch sensoric monitor.


Below is the list Plant Simulation gesture recognition for touch screens

  • 1 finger short click: “ left mouse”
  • 1 finger long touch: “right mouse”
  • 2 fingers move: “pan”
  • 2 fingers zoom: “zoom”, in and out
  • 2 fingers turn: “rotate”, left and right
  • 2 fingers tap: rotate 10 degree (upper screen, rotate back, lower      screen rotate forth);
  • 1 finger Pressed And  1 finger Tap: PAT:      Starts and stops the simulation run