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It’s here! Intosite for Microsoft’s Windows® 8.1 operating system is now available at the Microsoft Store.

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Some of you are already familiar with the IntoSite desktop application and the iPad app.

Now, you can benefit from this application also on your Windows 8.1 tablet.

Intosite provides manufacturers virtual access to plants for planning, issue resolution and sharing best practices globally without the need for costly plant visits and the cumbersome task of accessing multiple sources of data to get a comprehensive view of the plant.

The location aware Intosite mobile application brings these capabilities to mobile users providing location specific information.

In addition, the app supports the automatic creation of appropriate location tags while capturing site information, including images and movies, and uploading the data to the Intosite software.

The following movie demonstrates the capabilities of the Intosite mobile app for Windows 8.1.

Download App: Intosite mobile application for Microsoft’s Windows® 8.1 operating system


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