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Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference

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You are invited! Learn. Share. Innovate.

2015 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference

June 15 - 17, 2015 - Stuttgart, Germany



The 2014 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference was one of the most successful events in Plant Simulation discrete event simulation history! Participants from 17 nations joined the event to share the experiences of their daily work, exotic use cases, and tips on how to increase modeling speed and efficiency using Plant Simulation. This year’s conference is poised to deliver once again.


Register (English) - Closed
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Welcome to the 2015 Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference!

In this conference you will learn from the best in the field of logistics optimization and material flow simulation - Siemens PLM Software, its partners and our customers from around the world.


Why should you attend the Plant Simulation Worldwide User Conference?

  • Learn about business cases and industry applications that are addressed with Plant Simulation
  • Familiarize yourself with a global network of product experts
  • Identify opportunities for business and technology cooperation
  • See innovative ways to address daily challenges
  • Discover time saving tips and tricks for your own work
  • Learn about new features and enhancements
  • Directly influence the future development of Plant Simulation



Siemens PLM Software

Weissacher Straße 11,

70499 Stuttgart, Germany



The conference language will be English.



  • June 15 – HOMAG Customer visit (Optional): Limited to 30 participants - FULL
    English guided tour by Michael Kratzert of HOMAG
  • June 16 – Market and Product Highlights, Customer success stories
    16 unique presentations
  • June 17 – Siemens PLM Software and Partner led training sessions
    12 unique sessions
  • June 17 - Workshop for Shipyard and complex assembly simulation; 3 sessions
    Dirk Steinhauer, Flensburger Shipyard,
  • June 17-18 - Warehouse and logistics training
    Auke Nieuwenhuis, cards PLM Solutions,



  • The conference is for users, including customers, partners and Siemens employees
  • The event is open for other interested professionals including sales, pre-sales and engineering


Conference Fee

The conference is free of charge.


Question and Answer Session

If you have questions that you would like to submit to the executive team prior to the meeting, you may do so any time before June 10, 2015. Your questions will be answered during the conference.


Public Community

To discuss and/or learn about Plant Simulation topics, please follow this link to our Plant Simulation Public Community.


Check back here for further event details and updates to the agenda.


We look forward to meeting you in Suttgart!


Yours in simulation,




(on behalf of the Tecnomatix Plant Simulation Product Team)

Solution Partner Pioneer

Please feel welcome at the Plant Simulation Warehouse and Logistics training sesions which are organized by Siemens and cards PLM Solutions on June 17 and June 18 at the Siemens offices in Stuttgart, after the User Conference.

If you are interested, please let us know. If you have any question, just post a message in this Forum.




Anyone who is interested in this unique training opportunity can subscribe by sending me a personal email at


for more information use the link to our website of cards PLM Solutions.



Kind Regards,


Auke Nieuwenhuis

cards PLM Solutions