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RobotExpert Webinar - Kinematics

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor


This is the part 4 of RobotExpert webinar course provided by our partner Geometric Solutions. In the on-demand webinar you will take a look at RobotExpert’s unique capabilities that support 3D modeling of complex kinematics tools, assistors and robots. Click here to get access to this on-demand webinar.


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If you have not seen the previous webinars of this series please find them using the below links.


  • Part 1 of this RobotExpert webinar course talks about basic fundamentals of RobotExpert. Click on this link to access the webinar
  • Part 2 of the webinar course talks about how RobotExpert supports different Robotics Applications. Click on this link on access the webinar
  • Part 3 of the webinar talks about how to modify operations, teach pendant and Off Line Programs (OLPs) with RobotExpert. Click on this link on access the webinar



How can i download RobotExpert...?


i have been filling request form from my companies mail id and looking for the download link, but not yet receive.


i'm working on Process Simulate and Process Design 10.1. i would like to look how robot expert makes my work easy.


kindly can some one help me out to download RobotExpert Trail virsion.


Kind Regards,


Siemens Valued Contributor

HI @Sudhaksr . Please try to use an alternate email, may be your personal email and see if you can download successfully. It might be that your company email is getting blocked for some reason in our system.


Thanks and let me know