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Watch "Digitalization Supports Global Manufacturing" a Siemens PLM customer success video

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Presenting "AGCO Corporation - Digitalization Supports Global Manufacturing," a Siemens PLM Software customer success video.

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Excerpts from the customer success video:

AGCO’s mission statement is to provide high tech solutions for professional farmers feeding the world. So all of their manufacturing goals around product quality delivery, costs and safety all tie in to meeting that objective.

AGCO as a company has decided that they will be moving to a platform strategy; this is also what presents them with challenges because AGCO as a company grew through acquisition and if you grow through acquisition you do not start your manufacturing plants as a Greenfield. To build the same product at various sites, they want to reuse the bill of process, they want to reuse the MBOM.  If they want to reuse the majority of their electronic work instructions it makes a lot of sense that their manufacturing engineers are working on a common global platform also, which is for them Teamcenter.  With the use of Teamcenter they are able to have one site basically doing eighty percent of the work that is necessary for all sites that are building the same product.  That is a huge savings.

Having a global platform strategy helps AGCO to stay competitive because they have a high re-use of modules, and they also can react very swiftly to changes in the market.

AGCOImage2.PNGAGCO Corporation