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3D XML files

Can you import a 3D XML file and generate robot paths from that? Material removal?

Re: 3D XML files

I'm not sure that I understand what you mean by "3D XML import".
The closer to this is a CLS file that you can import (upload) and use as the robotic path for your material removal process.
For example, NX can generate such CLS files out of CAM toolpath.
Should further help is required, feel free to elaborate on the requirement.


Re: 3D XML files

Dear Gil,

I am trying to to exacly what you said. I have made the CLS file from NX CAM 8.5, but then in RobotExpert V11 in the menu "Robotics" I cant find the option "Cls Upload"

Can you help me with that?


Re: 3D XML files

The CLS Upload tool is a free add on that can be downloaded from our GTAC web page from:
It requires a webkey and password.
Once downloaded and installed, you can add it to any toolbar from Tools-Customize - OLP category.