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ABB Download whitout Process Data


Hello Guys,


Is there a way to download a path usign ABB controller whithout showing the Spot Data, Speed Data, Zone Data and Gun Data declareted in the begin of the program?


I need to use these  configureteds Data but I dont want then in the upside of the downloated module.


I created a MotionConfiguration (used to edit the name of weld instruction) that could be useful to do it, maybe creating a custom parameter... but the idea is to use the most default parameter of abb controller (that is necessary to simulation e behavior of robot ) and use the motionconfiguration just to change a dowload. 




Re: ABB Download whitout Process Data

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Siemens Phenom

You just need to write those global data definitions in a .sys file, then import this .sys file via Robot Setup / Explicit Data Upload.

These global data will be available in Robot Setup Data Edition read-only, you can assign them to locations, but their definitions will not be written down in the program file.