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ABB Process Simulate download


Could someone please help me?


In an ABB download, is there a to change the identation between the "P" in "PROC" and the moves/logic below it?—From the "P" in "PROC" to the "M" in "MoveJ", for example.

By editing the <MainBlockBody> in the download template, I can change where the PROC begins, but I can't find a way of adjusting the identation below it. There are always 3 spaces. But, to comply with the standard I am working with, there needs to be 2 spaces. See examples below:


How I need it to be—2 spaces: Smiley Happy

PROC TestProc

  MoveJ [[0,0,0,]...



How it is—3 spaces Smiley Sad

PROC TestProc

   MoveJ [[0,0,0,]...



Thanks in advance,



Re: ABB Process Simulate download

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

This is not customizable, but you can plug a post download script to "transparently" do this adjustment.


Post Download mechanism is described in the default controller manual, but can be applied to any controller (just change the name of the script from defaultPostDownload to AbbRapidPostDownload).