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ABB RCS (Server) run as Service



we have some Problems that we could't get the ABB RCS (Server) to work. When we try to run the shell window everything works finde, but as a service we get this error message (see attachment).


Some information about the Client:

Windows 7 x64

Tecnomatix 13.0

ABB Rapid Controller 2.106

RCS 6.04.01

Client and Server (RCS) are on the same machine


Ideas for this problem?


kind regards






Re: ABB RCS (Server) run as Service



I think the way using "Service" is not supported.

Using the "rcsabb_lmgrd_sample_start.bat" file is the recommended way.


Kind regards

Re: ABB RCS (Server) run as Service

But in the install documentation, there is a hint to use it as service (see attachment)


Is this not supportet by the olp controller?

Re: ABB RCS (Server) run as Service

RCS server and client modules are on your local machine.

Where is your license file?


Which setup type do you want to use?


If you have all on your client machine, normally you need to run two batch files.

No service is required.


Re: ABB RCS (Server) run as Service

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Yes, both are on the local machine. I know that i have to run the batch file but I'm searching for a other solution. But if this is the soltion i have to live with that. Smiley Sad

I was searching for a solution for our end users (I'm in the IT Department) that the user not have to start manually a batch file and keep a shell window open. I would like to have a "silent" way for the users^^


The licens file is on our server...if i run the batch everything works fine.

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‎03-15-2017 06:52 AM

Re: ABB RCS (Server) run as Service

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You can add the .bat file to the Windows StartUp group so it is automatically run when the user logs in. That's what we do here.