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[API] How to listen for changes in a library and its children?


Hey folks!


I'm trying to figure out if it is possible to subscribe for an event fired when children are copied/moved into an ITxPlanningObject (especially a PMResourceLibrary). We're working with Simulate 11.1 on eMServer.


The reason behind this: Tools created by our company have to follow certain naming conventions, for example that the name of the tool matches the filename. If they don't, our customer refuses acceptance of the corresponding data. A lot of users at our company create this kind of data, and it sometimes happens that they oversee something. Changing the data afterwards is very time consuming.


The solution in my eyes would be either to monitor the whole library and check for correctness when an item is drag-&-dropped into our lib. Or to check the naming when the .cojt is imported via project management --> create construction library (I don't know the exact English Commands, in German it's Projektmanagement --> Konstruktionsbibliothek erstellen).


Does somebody know an event that is fired when either of that happens? I've been looking a lot through the TecnomatixSDKHelp but couldn't find anything adequate. Thank you in advance.