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Actions in Logic Blocks

Hello everyone,


Whenever I'm adding Logic Block to resource via Automatic Pose Action I get a message that there is error in logic as You can see in attachment..


Does anyone know how to define this action properly?



I have one more issue, I wanted to control my velocity during simulation and use for this action in LB: Joint Velocity Controlled or Acceleration Controlled.

It's working fine with changing speed, but only with values for joint rising - so for e.g. I can only open, but not close the clamp. I tried various methods for changing vector of speed, but I didn't succeed..


Any help will be appreciated.




Re: Actions in Logic Blocks


regading the motion:

Did you try a negative speed?


Regarding automatic logic creation:

What's kind of error?

Your screenshot does not show an error. These are available error handlers, that you might add to your logic.


Re: Actions in Logic Blocks

Yes, I tried a negative speed, but it did't work. Maby i did something wrong? I declared Real signal as Target Velocity Direction Expression and force it during simulation as +/- but it didn't work.

Re: Actions in Logic Blocks

Hello gargur

Did you find a solution? can you share it with us?

Best Regards