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Actions in Logic Blocks


Hello everyone,


Whenever I'm adding Logic Block to resource via Automatic Pose Action I get a message that there is error in logic as You can see in attachment..


Does anyone know how to define this action properly?



I have one more issue, I wanted to control my velocity during simulation and use for this action in LB: Joint Velocity Controlled or Acceleration Controlled.

It's working fine with changing speed, but only with values for joint rising - so for e.g. I can only open, but not close the clamp. I tried various methods for changing vector of speed, but I didn't succeed..


Any help will be appreciated.




Re: Actions in Logic Blocks

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Siemens Phenom


regading the motion:

Did you try a negative speed?


Regarding automatic logic creation:

What's kind of error?

Your screenshot does not show an error. These are available error handlers, that you might add to your logic.


Re: Actions in Logic Blocks


Yes, I tried a negative speed, but it did't work. Maby i did something wrong? I declared Real signal as Target Velocity Direction Expression and force it during simulation as +/- but it didn't work.

Re: Actions in Logic Blocks

Hello gargur

Did you find a solution? can you share it with us?

Best Regards

Re: Actions in Logic Blocks

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Siemens Legend

The External and Internal Conflicts are booleans which are triggered when an LB action is  carried out by more than one source.

For example: Create two Move Joint actions for the same joint and force both of them to play at the same time (keep in mind you must check the "Use Action Error parameters" checkbox in the LB's settings). You will see that the internal conflict turn TRUE indicating multiple sources are driving this joint. 

External conflict turns TRUE when the LB action conflicts with something else driving your device (Device operation, OLP, etc). You can add a device operation to the attached study and play line simulation to see it happen. 


Regarding negative speed: should be simple. For Velocity Controlled action you use a BOOL to trigger the motion (Value Expression), a REAL for velocity (positive real for positive joint direction motion, negative real for reverse motion) and REAL for both Acceleration and deceleration. For example create a simple single joint rotary device with a JVC action. Connect a BOOL entry with key signal to Value Expression, a REAL with Key to Velocity and a Key with real signals to both ACC and DCC.

Open Simulation panel and add the 3 real signals to the panel. Force BOOL to TRUE, force Velocity and ACC to 1. Device should start turning in positive direction. During simulation you can force Velocity to (-1) in the panel and the device will deccelerate to zero and than accelerate back to full speed (1) in the opposite direction. 

Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Actions in Logic Blocks



that was exactly what i did and I remember it was not working - thats why topic was created for.

Maybe it was old simulate version or something - soon I'll be able to test it once again.