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AddLoc with Ext Axes

Hello everybody,


is it possible to add a depart location using the Path Template function with correct External Axis Value?


I need to add the approach and the departure locations before and after an ARC Seam Operation with two External Axes set according to the first and the last locations of the seam. Using the AddLoc command I'm not able to set the correct external axis values for the departure location. The approach loc is fine.


<Action Name="Arc_1_app_dep_locs" Description="Najezdni a vyjezdni body pro ARC" LocRange="First">
	<AddLoc Name="approach" RefLoc="First" RefreshFilter="true" Placed="Before" CopyAttachment ="true" CopyExternals="true" RelX="0" RelY="0" RelZ="20.0" >
	<AddLoc Name="depart" RefLoc="Last" RefreshFilter="true" Placed="After" CopyAttachment ="true" CopyExternals="true" RelZ="20.0">




Thank you in advance




Re: AddLoc with Ext Axes

[ Edited ]

OK. I've found the mistake.


The reason of the problem was the wrong LocRange value. LocRange="First" refers to the first loc of the seam. Because I don't know how to refer to last First and the Last location at one time, I've resolved it by using combined action:


<Action Name="RootAction" LocRange="AllWithOperation">

<Action Name="Add1" LocRange="First">
<AddLoc Name="approach" RefLoc="First" RefreshFilter="true" Placed="Before" CopyExternals="true" RelX="0" RelY="0" RelZ="20.0" >

<Action Name="Add2" LocRange="Last">
<AddLoc Name="depart" RefLoc="Last" RefreshFilter="true" Placed="After" CopyExternals="true" RelZ="20.0">