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AddLoc with RailValue

Hello guys,


i finally implemented the addloc function, but is it possible to adopt the railvalue to the new location?


Best Regards




Re: AddLoc with RailValue

Have you added the Rail under Robot Properties - External Axis?

Select your location then Kinematics - Set External Axis Values.


Re: AddLoc with RailValue



yes the rails are all added. It doesn't work with "Set External Axis Values". These option only add the current railvalue to one point.


 <Action Name="Create" LocationTypes="WELD" LocRange="ALL" Description="">

        <AddLoc Name="Anfahrpunkt" RefLoc="Itself" Placed="Before" CopyAttachment="true" RelX="-10.0">






This is the Addloc-Command i use.

In the ActionRef I only set some parameters like speed etc. I think this is unnessecary for the railvalue.


Why does the new loaction (child) not take the railvalue from the Point behind? When the Refloc is "itself"??


Best Regards





Re: AddLoc with RailValue

You can set complex/dynamic parameter "Rail Value" within your path template action, with an explicit value.

However, I do not know if there is a mechanism to copy the implicit rail value from the reference location...

Re: AddLoc with RailValue

Ok, but thats not what I want. When I have 100+ weldpoints and create 2 locations to every weldpoint, I cant set the railvalue as an explicit value.


If theres a solution, please let me know !


Best Regards



Re: AddLoc with RailValue

In OlpTool package, you have a command called "Smooth Rail" that can be used to define rail values on several locations by smoothing the values across locations with explicit rail values.


Smooth Rail

This tool allows the automatic setting of rail values along a path.

  • Upon invocation, following dialog will appear
  • Select a start and an end location inside a robotic operation. These locations should already have a rail value defined.
  • Select one of the 2 methods ("Interpolate On Travel Distance" or "Project Locations on Rail Axis")
  • Press "OK" or "Apply". The application will create/update the rail values on all locations between the selected ones.
    • Interpolate On Travel Distance
      • The application interpolates the rail values set on the start and end locations with the relative Cartesian travel distance from the start location, along the path
    • Project Locations On Rail Axis
      • The application interpolates the rail values set on the start and end locations with the relative positions of each locations along the rail.

Re: AddLoc with RailValue

[ Edited ]

Smooth Rail is ok, but not the perfect solution for this problem.


The problem with the external axis is, the axis is very impresicely. The optimum is so less movement on this axis as possible.


When I create a location before manually with the dialog, the term type and rail value is applied to the new location.


May I connect this feature to my PathTemplate?




Accepted by topic author shizoeuhx
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: AddLoc with RailValue

Hi Max


you should use the "Copy external" attribute:


<AddLoc NameSuffix ="approach" Placed="before" RefLoc="itself" CopyAttachment ="true"

CopyExternals="true" RelZ="50" >

Best regards

Bernard Hoessler

Re: AddLoc with RailValue

Hey Bernard,


copy externals doesnt work....


And another problem is, I added an ActionRef command to the Addloc for changing the parameter like speed etc.. That doesnt work either!


That seems kinda strange to me.


Maybe the copy externals command doesnt work with my verison of PS? I got V10.1


Best Regards

Re: AddLoc with RailValue

Ok I solved the problem with the ActionRef.


The AddLoc Command was only for WELD, besides the ActionRef was only for VIA. I think the issue here is that the parent action LocRange is another than the child LocRange. Correct me if I'm wrong. Or is there another solution for it?


However, the copy Externals still doesnt work.


Best Regards