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Attach operation/locations to a resource


Hi all,


I've defined a gripper with gripper claws as a robot. I have then attached the gripper to a robot. The reason for that is that the robot and the gripper can communicate via robot signals. Maybe there's a "better" way when working with gripper claws? (I'm not that found of sensors and multiple TCP-s though)


However, when I run the robot to different locations the gripper locations of course becomes unreachable, since they're not attached to anything. Therefore I wonder if it's possible to attach locations to e.g. a gripper so that they're always in the same position relative to the gripper?


Re: Attach operation/locations to a resource

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Siemens Phenom

If the locations are defined as robotic via locations, then there should be not problem to attach them to the base of your gripper "robot".