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Attaching part appearances to a turntable


Within my current cell there is a turntable, the start of my cycle is theoretically then end of the cells cycle, which means there should already be parts within the turntable. At the start of my cycle 2 Robots exit the turntables area and the turntable rotates to a load/unload position. I want to be able to attach part appearances - as I'm working in linesim - to the turntable so that the parts rotate with it, I'm really struggling to find a way to do this, I've tried the MPA tool but I can't seem to get it to work. 


Any help would be great, 


Thanks in advance.


Re: Attaching part appearances to a turntable

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Siemens Phenom

You can simply add an "Attach Event" to the operation that generates your appearance.

1. generate the appearance of your operation

2. in sequence editor right click on your operation and add "attach event"

3. select your appearance and as "attach to" one of the following:

  • the MOVING link of the table
  • one of the clamps on it

Whatever happens to your appearance later on, e.g. it's gripped by a robot, this will automatically detach the part from the table. so a detach event is not necessary.


An alternative (usually rather for virtual commissioning, as you need a signal as trigger) is, to define your turntable or some clamps as gripper. It could attach all appearances in reach, whenever the table starts moving.

Re: Attaching part appearances to a turntable


Brilliant! Thank you for the help!