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Best way to deliver OLP from Robot Expert 13.0 to KUKA Robot. Is the program usable?


Hello everybody,

I want to start this discussion by thanking all of the active members of this forum. I have seen a lot of solutions to my problems on this forum, so today I wanted to become a member and ask you about OLP in PS/RE and robot programming.

I have recently installed Robot Expert 13.0 and I want to deliver some OLP programs on site to the robot programmer.

The programms I want to deliver are based on the back-ups recieved from the same robot.
After I uploaded the programs to Robot expert, everything went fine and I had to align a bit all the equipment around the robot and modify the programs to work with a new type of part.
I did this and everything went fine. In the log file the text was only this one: "Warning: No program template selected, using default default.tdat."
I left all the logic of the program untouched(OLP commands) and I did not add/rename any location. I only repositined some locations in the existing programs and updated the robot configuration.
After recieving the program the Robot programmer said that it has multiple errors and he said that it will be a lot of work to clear the errors.


And I re-sent the program with all the OLP comands erased. We checked the locations togheter and we saw only 2-3 mm of adjustment left to be done.


My questions are:
1) How come the first errors have apeared if I left the logic untouched and did not add/rename any locations?

2) If I would have to deliver a new program to a new installed KUKA robot shoud I use a back-up with logic and try to reposition the locations and re-teach the robot to keep all the OLP commands from the upload, or is it OK for me to create a new program based only on movement correct TCP/BASE Speed acceleration zone and configuration for the robot?


3) How easy is to create all the logical comands inside a program for the robot programmer?


I want to narrow the gap between robot programmer and simulation engineer and I want to know in which way should I deliver the programs for the future.

Thank you very much!


Re: Best way to deliver OLP from Robot Expert 13.0 to KUKA Robot. Is the program usable?

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1) no reason why. Most customers do not have such a problem. Did you compare the original program file with the one you generated?


2) you can create a program from scratch


3) here you might need to look into XML Customization of OLP commands (documentation under eMPower\Robotics\Olp

Re: Best way to deliver OLP from Robot Expert 13.0 to KUKA Robot. Is the program usable?


Hi, thanks for your time.

I have compared the programs and the file generated from me is with the default template for KUKA-KRC.
And the robot programmer has a different template from the final costumer

The program in question is a deburring program for an engine part. And I understand how the original program was created and I will try to explain here:

The engine part needs to be deburred and we have multiple holes to debure, all the holes have the same radius and are positioned at a constant distance between them.

The robot programmer teached only the center of each the hole with a remote tcp tool and the other locations to target for the hole contour were generated with a macro. I have seen this in my upload because I had a teaching point(center of the hole) and all the other locations were generated based on the radious and in increments of 15° on the hole contour.

I recieved the program with a "program_for_calculation" which contains only OLP comands NO LOCATIONS INSIDE.

When I modified the program for the new part I moved the teaching point location together with the contour locations for each hole and re-teached the robot.
But I kept the "program for calculation" inside the compound operation and created the robot program for the entire compound operation.
This is the possible cause for the errors.

The next time I sent the program I deleted all the OLP comands for each location and also the "program_for calculation" and I believe he had no errors because I was there when the robot programmer re-uploaded the program and the robot moved to the correct locations with only 2-3 mm unalignment.

I looked at the XML Customizations and it will take a lot of time for me to create OLP comands like he created for the "program of calculation" and I am not sure it is possible without advanced robot programming skills.

I am only a simulation engineer and I want to know if other simulation engineers deliver the programs with minimum or none OLP comands and focus their atention only on TCP/BASE Speed/Acc Zone Config etc..
Focus on the motion rather than the logic.

Thanks again for your time!


Re: Best way to deliver OLP from Robot Expert 13.0 to KUKA Robot. Is the program usable?


So after further studing the programs I have no ideea what caused the errors.
The programs can be re-uploaded into Process Simulate/Robot Expert.

The main question remains: is it ok if I send the programs focusing only on movement and location atributes or is it my task to add logic to the program?

How far should I go with OLP to make the job of the robot programmer easier?

In my recent experience. He can use the programs with all the OLP instructions erased but I don't know how easy is for him to re-create the OLP instructions.

I am really looking forward to hear your opinion on this subject.