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Bitmap picture on a surface

Hello everybody,


does anybody know how to get a bitmap picture (e.g. texture or logo) to Process Simulate?




Re: Bitmap picture on a surface

PS unfortunately cannot add textures to JT.

But it can load and show them, if they exist in the JT.


If you have access to NX or TC Vis you can add textures or materials, incl. reflection, transparency and so on. All supported in PS.



Re: Bitmap picture on a surface

Thank you very much for your help.


I'm still encoutering problems with the bitmap pictures, because Decalled images in NX are not exported to JT. The only way, that worked, was to apply a texture on a body. However, this method is not suitable for small images like a company logo.


Anyway, now I know that for this purpose is NX better than SESmiley Happy



Re: Bitmap picture on a surface

The texture IS the only way.
If you need a small logo, then add a simple geometry, that will be textured.

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