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CAD Translator

Hi everyone,


I'm new in Process simulate and I'm sure it is a stupid question, but I'm having some troubles importing a kuka robot saved in .stp extension.

I have the Process simulate standalone software, but when i try to import the CAD it doesn't work and asks me to check if CAD translator is correctly intalled.

Is CAD translator an external software? Or should it be intalled automatically together with Process Simulate Standalone?


Thank You




Accepted by topic author Umbe
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: CAD Translator



Yes, it´s an external software.

It´s located on the installation disk 2 or on Siemens ftp server


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Re: CAD Translator

Thank You.

Best regards,


Re: CAD Translator

Hi Umberto,
just to make sure:
You know that usually every Kuka robot is downloadable from the Kuka website?
If you download the Robcad model, and use
upgradetoversion -comp -co2jt
on it, you get it with completely defined kinematics.

Re: CAD Translator

Hi Guido,


Thank you for your answer. Actually I didn't know, as I said before I'm new on this software and any advice is welcome.

Can you just explain better what you mean with "upgradetoversion -comp -co2jt"? How can I do that?

I downloaded a robot from the website and it is composed by many sufolders with .co extension, how can i get a .cojt from that?


Thank you,

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Re: CAD Translator

You should see it in the start menu, however it is of course available in the Process Simulate instal folder too.






Re: CAD Translator

sorry. Of course there is a GUI for it.

I'm just stuck in the commandline times...


Upgradetoversion upgrades components from older versions.

The .co folders are Robcad-components.

But the switch '-co2jt' create .cojt-folder next to the .co folder.

This one you can insert into your PS-study.


When you have a .cojt with a JT-file inside:

  • setup a library path in PS
  • put the cojt under some folder within that path
  • click the button 'define component-type', select 'Robot'
  • then Modelling>Insert from file>your .cojt



If you have access to the GTAC-download-server, you will find robots from all vendors under

Tecnomatix Products/Product Updates/Robot Models

Re: CAD Translator

Thank you Dave, it doesn't work from the PS environment but it works fine from the instal folder.


Best regards,


Re: CAD Translator

Thank you Guido for the detailed answer,

I have created the .cojt folders next to the .co ones. Theni have collected them in one folder under the library path.
I have one last (i hope) problem, where is the "define component type" button? Because I'm using the 11.1TR3 Versdion and i'm doing:


Modeling-->Create Part/resource-->new resource-->robot


Modeling-->Insert from file-->my .cojt


And PS displays the error" the type of the component is not defined"


Where can I find that button? I tried to find it with the help but with no results.


Best regards,



Accepted by topic author Umbe
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: CAD Translator

for one time use, just type CTRL+F and type in "define"+Enter


Or drag the button from Tools>Customize>Administrative Tools

e.g. to File>Project Management