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COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1

Hello guys,


I need to set up the RCS for COMAU.

I downloaded the controller from the FTP server and installed it, I successfully modified the rrs.xml, then i got the RCS common files and copied them in: C:\rrs_bin\rcs_comau\rcs_cm_c5g_1.18

cm_1.18.014(_tune).exe, rcscomau014.dll, and a robot base file: sm5_nj4_170_27tc.rcs.

I opened PS, loaded the machine data .rcs file from the controller settings. I can select the controller, manipulator type, etc. but the RCS won't start.

In my license it appears that I have the PRD_PS_OLP_PDL and I also added it to the tecno.opt file.

What could be wrong?

Are there any other files to the RCS besides the common?

In the documentation these are the only files related to the RCS.

Accepted by topic author endreszucs
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1

What do you get if you activate the "Visible Shell" command before you try to initialize the RCS module?

You only indeed need only cm_1.18.014_tune.exe and rcscomau014.dll. cm_1.18.014.exe is the RCS wrapper for Robcad. You can keep it but it is useless for Process Simulate.

Re: COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1



Thanks for the info, I didn't realise the Comau RCS is different for Robcad and PS.

I requested the RCS for PS, and I'll post about how it works when I receive the files.


Best regards,


Re: COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1

The RCS itself (i.e the dll) is the same. The wrapper (small exe module that makes the communication between Robcad or PS and the RCS dll) is a bit different.

Re: COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1

Good day!


In Visible Shell window should be information about the simulation isn't it? I have only this:

Have you any documentation about work with RCS for users?



Re: COMAU RCS setup for PS 10.1

I received answer from gtag - it is OK.