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Cant Evaluate signals in Kuka [MOP]




I have a problems with signals in a KUKA robot not running the RCS but the MOP for PLC simulation purposes. I am running Process Simulate v13 with Kuka contoller version v8.3 in PLC Simulation mode


I can set a signal ie $OUT[1] = TRUE and will see it evaluated in the Simulation Monitor correctly, but when I try to evaluate a signal ie IF ($OUT[1]<>$IN[1]) then it says both signals not found and assumes 0


Example code below


Declared in .dat file which is loaded into robot

INT $B_OUT[64]
INT $B_IN[64]




Re: Cant Evaluate signals in Kuka [MOP]

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Did you run Line Simulation and define the signals on the robot in Process Simulate?

Re: Cant Evaluate signals in Kuka [MOP]




Yes I am running line simulation, and have done all the robot signal mapping.

I have found that if a signal is not initialised ie does not have a value assigned to it at the start, PS will say signal not found, but this does not explain in the example $B_OUT[1] not holding its value.


I have also found found further issues with PS evaluating signals, for example if I have an IF statement such as IF($B_OUT[OFFSET+I] ==0) PS process this seperatley as '$B_OUT[OFFSET' and 'I]'.


If this is a signal assignment ie $_B_OUT[OFFSET+I]=123 this works and the value in the square bracket is evaluated correctly before assignment.