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Change locations inside seam

Hi everyone,


im using PD+Ps 10.1 standalone.

At the moment  I´m trying to create different  arc seams, but there is a small problem I´m unable to fix - how can I change the sequence of the locations inside a seam? Is there any possibility to switch the start and stop location? Do I have to change the orientation of the orginal polyline?


Accepted by topic author thebang2
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Change locations inside seam



I'm not familiar with 10.1 version, but try to find Reverse Operation command. In version 11 and higher this works correctly.



Re: Change locations inside seam

Tha´ts it - I´ve tried for 20 minutes to pick and place the locations and was wondering why this doesn´t work. Smiley Tongue

Thank you, Dave007!