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Checking uploaded locations - Weld Quality Report??


i would like to have a tool for quality checking uploaded programs, especially check if locations are perpendicular to the work piece.

The "Weld Quality Report" seemed like a perfect tool for this. But after trying this out for a while now it seems like the function only works with nominal locations. The check is more interesting to do on uploaded data then on nominal in my opinion.

What could be a good way of checking uploaded locations? Is there a "check function" for this?


Kind Regards


Accepted by topic author ajonss32
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Checking uploaded locations - Weld Quality Report??

Hi Andreas,


the actual path does not include nomiman information, you have to recreate it.

you shoud try folling:

- upload the path

- project again the locations using the update option: you have now the nominal path

- you now need to merge changes done from the shopfloor using generic operation merge: upload again the path and use generic operation merge. orienatations will be updated according to the actual path

- weld quality report should now work because the path contains actual and nominal data.


best regards




Re: Checking uploaded locations - Weld Quality Report??

Hi Bernard,


thanks for a quick reply - I will check the proposed method right away!