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Connect a *.psz file in eMServer


is It possible connect a *.psz file in eMServer?


If i take a disconnected study (*.psz and *.zip libraries), how can i connect it in my eMServer? 


Imagine that we have 2 different companies and the first one will built the simulation and the other OLP program, the companies have your own eMServer, the company 1 (Simulation) will deliver to company 2 (OLP) a disconnected file (*.psz), the ideia is that the both have the project in our eMSever.






Re: Connect a *.psz file in eMServer


Hello Victorher,


Yes, there are a few possibilities:


1 - The objects inside the disconnected file has same ExternalID than the one in eMServer. So if you open a disconnected file in connected mode and updates the eMServer, you'll update those objects. Usually I use this feature when connected mode is going slow and I need to save the study a lot of times. Basically I do all modifications saving in a psz file and at the end I update everything back. I also use that when I need to update Resources or objects that are often loaded (so I'm not able to save modifications in modeling scope).


2 - I believe  Siemens recommends you to use the commands "Pack and Go Import / Export" when you're dealing with external suppliers, it's easier and guarantees compatibility. I've used a few times just for testing and looks the best to fit your needs, take a look at User Manual for those commands!



Re: Connect a *.psz file in eMServer

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

But what if the psz is from a different database?


e.g. a supplier received an export from our database and work on it extensively. We received psz files as updates to follow up.

If we try to import them in our database we get an error asking for an other database.

Anybody found a trick or whatever to get around this

Re: Connect a *.psz file in eMServer

Siemens Valued Contributor Siemens Valued Contributor
Siemens Valued Contributor

You can't update a disconnected study from one database into another database. You may refer to the eM-Server Disconnected Workflow in the Reference manual; working with custom templates may be an alternate solution.

In the help manual, open Process Simulate, File, Save As, Process Simulate Disconnected, then the eMServer - Process Simulate Disconnected Workflow.