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Converting JT to CGR


Hi all,


I need translatate JT to CGR, for our design department. JT is exported from Process Simulate. I am not satisfied with the current converting possibilities.


I know about two ways how to convert JT to CGR.


1. Requires Robcad: use TxJT2Co and TxCo2Catia, BUT I do not have Robcad anymore.

2. Siemens JT Translator: convert directly from JT to CGR, BUT: CGR file has very poor quality, much worse then TxCo2Catia and translate each entity in JT file, so I have thousands of CGR files with poor quality from ONE JT monolithic file.


What I am looking for:

- direct conversion from 1 JT monolithic file to 1 CGR file with decent quality



- is it possible configure JT translator in this way (entity collased to part and improved visual quality)? (I believe, that is not possile, because config file offers only limited options)

- is it possibe use TxCo2Catia standalone without Robcad?

- or is it possible export JT from Process Simulate without entity level (I mean collapsed to one entity)?

- or any other possibility? please enlight me


Thank you all.



Re: Converting JT to CGR

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom
Did you try to convert to CADPARTs and save the CGR from Catia?

Re: Converting JT to CGR

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Maybe you can try a 3rd party translator from DATAKIT. 


its product called ' crossmanager' which can eat most popular CAD format. and translate to most other popular format. your expected JT to CGR is one item in its family. Quite good quality.  its website 

Re: Converting JT to CGR


to: GuidoDamm


JT file is without BREP, so JT translator automaticaly makes CGR

besides, this workflow should be usable for several users and not all of them have CATIA 

Re: Converting JT to CGR


to: Steven2

This is last posibility. At first would like to get max from tools, that I currently have.