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Converting *.cojt to *.co with kinematics


Tell me please, how can I convert of *.cojt (jt) to *.co with kinematics?

cojt folder has the file kin_graph.xml. In this file is kinematic information (see attached pic).

How can convert this information to RobCAD (*.co)?





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‎09-08-2015 10:24 AM

Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co with kinematics

Hi Vladimir,

there are already other threads discussing this topic.


AFAIK a complete translation is not possible.

In the CadTranslators there is of course JT2CO.

This one translates the geometry, but no kinematics. 


A workflow from PS to Robcad was never considered.

What's the reason that the data has to go back to Robcad?

Usually we claim, that as long as Robcad plays a role in your world, Robcad must be used to model components/kinematics and PS has to use .co (readonly).


Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co with kinematics

Thanks for the answer.

We needed this, because our project should be open in RobCAD. We have so much components with kinematics. Well, I understood. Man Sad

Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co with kinematics

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I checked as well with PM,
there are no plans to support this workflow in future.

Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co with kinematics

OK. Thanks a lot.