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Converting *.cojt to *.co



We're using Process Simulate for Offline Programming and Virtual Commissioning for an end customer who uses Robcad as standard. We currently have a workflow which involves a lot of converting between formats, which would be greatly simplified if we could do all the work in PD/PS and then export in the customer's preferred Robcad format. The Robcad Connectivity option appears to convert studies back to Robcad, but the libraries need to contain parts in the correct format. When converting from Robcad to Process Simulate this can be achieved using Upgrade to Version ... but there does not appear to be a reverse.


Has anyone any suggestions to do the redtrograde conversion of *.cojt files to *.co format?








Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co

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Re: Converting *.cojt to *.co

Hi Dave007,


Thanks for the link, it confirms the requirement for *.co in a Robcad project, and the very good suggestion to migrate to Robcad to PS. Unfortunately, we are a minnow of a company trying to turn a supertanker of a customer around, and until we do I was wondering if there was any way to convert from cojt to co. It must contain the same information (plus probably some additional), and I was looking for a conversion tool.