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Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode

Hi all,


I case of a study, i need to convey parts on a conveyor using CEE Simulation.
To do that, I created a conveyor by defining conceptual conveyor and conveyable part.
At the beginning of my conveyor i have a photoelectric sensor that detects the part and puts the conveyor on Start mode.


The problem is :
My part moves with a flow operation to the sensor (conveyor beginning).
The sensor detects the parts. Its signal becomes TRUE and Conveyor.Start becomes True too.
Yet the parts does not moves along the conveyor (the flow operation is repeating).


How to force the conveyor to grip the part and transports it to the end of the motion path ?


Thank you for your help !



Re: Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode




Can you make sure that: 


1. The Flow op should stop before you make the conveyor grip the part, otherwise you have two nodes (flow op and conveyor) both trying to transport your part which might cause problems. I would give the conveyor a short delay in it's startup so the Op flow can end.

2. Load the "Attachment" column in the Object tree  and look at it during simulation. Does your part become attached to the conveyor at any point during simulation? If not - check if your conveyor is not defined as skid conveyor by mistake and also try to increase the tolerances to see if it resolves your issue. If it does, you need to align the conveying frame and curve better perhaps. 


Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode

Hi Gal_Snir,


First of all thank you for your answer.


1. The Part flox Op stops at the same point then the beginning frame of the conveyor path. Should it be a problem ?


2. The appearance part is not attached to the conveyor during the simulation.

The conveyor is correctly defined as conceptual conveyor and the part is on contact with the conveyor (so the tolerance is correct).


I verified in Standard Mode that the conveyor and attached part are correctly simulated (I place the part and the beginning point and use Conveyor jog).





Re: Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode


When you create a conveyor you automatically get a signal named _position.
If your conveyor is started and running this signal should constantly increment upwards and you can see that in the simulation panel.
Is your conveyor running during simulation?

Kind regards,
Kind regards,
Gal Snir

Re: Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode



In Line Simulation Mode, right mouse click on the operation that creates your part/appearance.

Select the part/appearance. Now run "Define conveyable Part" and here select the conveying frame.

This conveying frame needs to have contact to the movingSurface of the conveyor.



Accepted by topic author MDS
‎12-02-2016 04:18 AM

Re: Conveying parts in Line Simulation Mode



Thank you for your answers.


It seemes thats the problem was my Part Flow Op. In fact the appearance appears, moves to the beginning of the conveyor and then dissappears and re-appears at the beginning of the Part Flow Op.


I added an Non Sim operation after the Part Flow OP. in order to force the appearance to stay at the end point.

Then the conveyor takes the parts and works fine