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Creating robot path with external axis movement

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I'm trying to program a "Pick and Place Operation" involving a robot on an external linear axis. The axis is setup under the robot properties and I can move the robot along the axis under the "joint jog" option without any problems.

I have created a path for the robot in the pick and place operation, however the robot will not control the external axis to reach the points which have been "taught" with the external axis in a different location. An error is displayed saying the point cannot be reached. Also, I have defined the home pose with a value associated with the external axis, however only the robot is moved when I "jump" to the home pos. Is there some setup item I haven't done for the external axis?


Re: Creating robot path with external axis movement

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Siemens Experimenter
Hi Kyle,

You need to use a command called "Set External Axis Values" command from the Kinematics menu in the upper toolbar. This command enables you to reach external axis values on a location.
I suggest you have a look at the "Configuring Robot External Axes" section in the RobotExpertQuickStartGuide.pdf provided with the trial version. The command usage description appears there (and off course you can also have a look in the online help for more detailed info).