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Custom XML - Name of location

Hello Forum,


this is my first post and I hope to write all the necessary information.


I have a problem and didn't find a solution via the search function...Smiley Indifferent


I started programming the XML files for Path template Configuration.

My goal is to get a function which displays the name of the current Location in the download layer (LocName).


The downloaded Code should look like:

  MoveL LocName,v50,fine,tGripper\WObj:=wobj1; !actual robot position stActPos:="LocName"; RETURN;

and here is the code I tried:

    <Command Name="ActPos">

				    <Item Type="const">actual Position </Item>
					<Item Type="parameter">LocName</Item>

				    <Item Type="const">!actual robot position </Item>
				    <Item Type="const">stActPos:="</Item>
					<Item Type="parameter">LocName</Item>
					<Item Type="const"><![CDATA[";]]></Item>
					<Item Type="const"><![CDATA[RETURN;]]></Item>


The Customized Command XML Checker shows the following error:

Error:Reference to robotic parameter:"LocName" could not be found in command RoboticParamRef list.


Where can I find the RoboticParamRef list?


I am using RobotExpert v13.0.1 with ABB-Rapid


Thanks for any help!

Accepted by topic author nafets1
‎11-30-2016 09:31 AM

Re: Custom XML - Name of location

I guess you meant:


<Item Type="dynamicParameter">Loc Name</Item>

And you do not need this:


Re: Custom XML - Name of location

Wow, that was fast - and worked perfectly!


<Item Type="dynamicParameter">Loc Name</Item>


Thank you very much!Smiley Happy


I just need to dind the "Solved" checkbox Smiley Wink